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Using only our imaginations, we can engage a wide array of alternate perspectives.

Where will new planetary colonies fall in terms of governance?

Future city on Mars
Future city on Mars

There’s little chance, if any, that you or someone you know hasn’t heard about the idea of colonizing another planet, such as Mars or the Moon. As a matter of fact, with companies like NASA and SpaceX, it almost seems inevitable.

According to an article from Tech Crunch, Elon Musk plans to have humans walking the red planet is just four to six years. It may not seem like it in ordinary day to day life but these things are happening, like it or not.

Let’s take a moment to consider something. If we establish permanent settlements on the Moon…

The strange phenomenon known as ‘Call of the Void’

Yes, this is a legit thing.

standing on top of a building with a skateboard
standing on top of a building with a skateboard

Call of the Void

As strange as it sounds, the call of the void is a phenomenon experienced by many people. Imagine that you are standing in a high place somewhere close to the edge. You wonder ‘what if I jumped?’ All of a sudden, you actually feel the sudden urge to hurl yourself into the abyss.

That impulse to jump that you just had is the call of the void, also known as high place phenomenon (HPP). …

If nothing else, the idea deserves some consideration

This can be quite a controversial topic but it should be explored nonetheless, after all, that’s what I write for. Exploring alternate perspectives.

There seems to be a fundamental issue in our society with drug addiction. You can check out some stats here. So what’s the issue? It all comes down to a few things that have become a major burden on our cultural infrastructure. Things like incarceration, lack of rehabilitation, wasted tax dollars, and a stigma that turning a blind eye will eventually fix the problem.

Take a trip on social…

Citing a lack of probable cause as the probable cause

Now I’m going to keep this PG, but the fact that you can even be ticketed for window tint in the first place is totally bogus — I’ll explain.

heating up window tint
heating up window tint

I thought I was doing my car a favor

When I first tinted the windows on my car, it was in hopes of preventing some of the damage that would eventually be done to the interior of my ride by the relentless Florida sun. Little did I know at the time that doing this was going to cost me $400.00 in tickets on one occasion and an additional $200.00 on another. Not to mention the $185.00 …

Immortality may become a scientific possibility but would it be constitutionally protected?

photo of the united states constitution
photo of the united states constitution

Generally speaking, most people are familiar with this phrase.

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

Ah yes, the inalienable rights set forth in the United States Constitution. Exactly how inalienable is life though? What if the concept of immortality becomes a real and valid technological possibility?

With the current global population hovering somewhere around 7.8 billion and an additional 385,000 people being born each day, I think this is a legitimate question to ask.

Would the idea of immortal life be constitutionally protected?


Many of us have fantasized about the concept of living forever, who wouldn’t? After all, thinking…

It’s quite possible that the same principle will one day apply to qubits

An up-close image of a computer processor
An up-close image of a computer processor

It seems like every day there are a slew of new gadgets and technologies hitting the market. By the time you finally get the one you want, there’s a good chance that it’ll be obsolete before too long. That’s because our technological capabilities as a species continues to grow — rapidly. This rapid growth is called Moore’s law.

Moore’s Law

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the exact definition of Moore’s Law goes like this,

The statement that the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit doubles every two years.

It doesn’t sound too fancy or exciting at…

How colors influence the purchases you make

Different colors can have strong psychological impacts on our mood, thought processes, and even elicit various physical responses. For instance, strong blue colors can have calm and relaxing effects on the mind while red attracts us to food and stimulates sexual arousal.

Can of coca-cola
Can of coca-cola

Weird right? But what does that have to do with marketing you ask?

Couple it with the fact that 92.6% buyers tend to focus on visual appearance when deciding whether or not to purchase a product and you’re on to something.

Thirsty yet? You get the idea. Various colors and color schemes have been used in marketing practices…

Can a kidney help you get out of debt and pay the bills?

A box with human organs in it
A box with human organs in it

Need cash?

We’ve all heard jokes about selling a kidney to make due on the bills next month but what if you actually did it? How would that go and would it be profitable?

For starters, this is entirely hypothetical and predicated on a satirical view of various notions surrounding the topic so just roll with it for a bit. Let’s begin.

Pro tip: Use the Dark Web

For the sake of this article let’s just say that you need a lot of money and you need it relatively quickly. You do a quick Google search for ‘How to make money fast’ and then — Voila!

You have…

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